FishNet (about)

FishNet is a bilateral initiative funded by EEA Fund for Bilateral Relations.

FishNet aims at establishing a solid network in the research field of global change impacts on fish, gathering partners who share scientific interests. It will promote the discussion and the exchange of expertise on anthropogenic related stressors, focusing on noise and temperature increase and how they affect fish.

FishNet will bring together researchers from Norway (NOR) and Portugal (PT), with complementary expertise in the fields of fish behaviour, ecology, biology, conservation, genetics, evolution and global changes. This multidisciplinary team shares an interest in conservation biology using an established fish model species, the two-spotted goby, Gobiusculus flavescens, which distributes along the North-East Atlantic (NEA) from PT to NOR. Coastal areas of the NEA are considered the most heavily impacted areas by anthropogenic pressure, thus focusing on a species that spans along NEA is ideal to gain broader insights on the effects of global changes on fish.

FishNet proposes activities of exchange of know-how and best practices, specifically on a research field common to all institutions involved, focusing on a fish target species shared by NOR and PT. Fishnet will allow to reinforce the scientific collaboration between these institutions and between both countries, providing a solid basis for the participation in future European project calls.

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